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It's a Guy Thing

Hair Feature: The Belmont Barbershop feat. Uppercut Deluxe Hair Products

by Boys'Co Online

May 26, 2015

We are excited to announce the addition of Uppercut Deluxe hair products to BOYS'COnline and Boys'Co stores!  We are offering the full range of Uppercut Deluxe products including: Uppercut Deluxe Pomade, Monster Hold, Featherweight, Matt Clay, Tortoise Shell Combs, and Classic Black Combs.

To celebrate the brand new introduction of hair products at BOYS'COnline and Boys'Co stores, we paid a visit to one of the best Barbershops in town: The Belmont Barbershop.  We scheduled an appointment with the talented Paul Donnici for a haircut, styling lesson with Uppercut Deluxe Products, and to find out a little more about this popular Barbershop destination: 

Paul Donnici, barber at The Belmont since 2011

Question: When did The Belmont open?  When did you start working at The Belmont?

Paul: I've been here since March of 2011.  Dustin Fishbook (the owner) opened the store in October of 2007 on his own.  I was his second apprentice, and third full-time employee.  


Question: How did you come to work at the Belmont?

Paul: When I was living in Montreal, I was working as a bartender and made some friends.  Dustin, the owner of this store, used to own a mens store upstairs.  Some of my friends were his suppliers and they put me in touch with him when I moved here.  I got my hair cut here and I was looking for a career change: a new skill/trade.  It took a bit of convincing actually.  I asked Dustin if he wanted to take on another employee, and at first there wasn't enough space.  Three or four months later, while I was getting a hair cut, he told me that they were looking to bring someone else on.  Then, a week later I started.  It was very similar to a tattoo partnership: for the first few months that I [was apprenticing], I was sweeping the floors and getting coffees.  But thats the biggest part of the learning: being able to see the different styles come in and how to approach a different problem.  

Vintage barber chairs

Question: What is the ratio of haircuts to shaves among your clientele?

Paul: 99% are haircuts.  We actually just recently began offering shaving again.  Most are for bachelor parties, birthdays, or tourists.  It's something that people are always curious about.


Question: What kind of clientele come in regularly?

Paul: When Dustin first opened, we used to have kind of a bad rep of being a hipster spot, but it's really not the case.  I have 6 month old to 75 year old [clients] that come in on a regular basis.  I have a number of neighbourhood kids that I've watched grow up.  I've made numerous good friendships with people by just cutting their hair.


Vintage memorabilia

Question: How many staff work at The Belmont?

Paul: There are 4 of us (Dustin, Rich, Paul, and Matt).  That's another nice thing: even if I've never cut someone's hair, I know what has been going on in their life.


Question: How did you hear about Uppercut Deluxe?

Paul: We recently changed our website.  They reached out to Dustin through the website, and paid a visit to the store too.


Question: Tell us about your Online appointment booking website.

Paul: It just was launched around christmas time last year.  Just the fact that people can book online saves time; I used to spend the first 20 minutes of each day calling people back to schedule appointments.  We've never been as busy as we are now.

Owner Dustin collects most of vintage memorabilia, while clients gift the rest

Question: Tell us more about all the vintage memorabilia around the store?

Paul: Dustin has always had a good eye for these kinds of things.  A lot of it is his.  Some of the memorabilia was actually given to us.  We have a lot of very generous clientele here.


Question: What are the trending hair styles that guys are asking for?

Paul: It's funny because you hear more trends being talked about, but I wouldn't say that people have really asked for more or less since I've been working here.  A large percentage of our haircuts are some sort of short back and sides, but on each person that can be a very different kind of haircut.  When people are asking to try something new, a lot of people are asking for longer styles.  

Subterranean entrance

Question: What would you say is unique about The Belmont compared to other barbershops?

Paul: It has been the three/four of us for a long time.  If I'm out of town, the other guys will cover for me and know the clients by name and face. When you come in you know what to expect.  The space is small, subterranean, and it's a community here.  People even become friends from meeting at the shop.   


Question: Do you have any secrets to getting the best/closest shave?

Paul: It's about taking your time.  Set aside 20 minutes to get a nice shave.  Take time to get a couple hot towels and steam the face.  Also, get a good lather and take your time to shave.  Make sure to have a sharp blade.  With single blades, you shouldn't be using one blade for more than one side of the face

Before Haircut (long back, fuzzy sides)

After Haircut (short back, clean sides)

Styling Using Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 


The Uppercut Deluxe Pomade has a sweet vanilla scent and provides a classic shine to any slick-back look.  Paul provided us with a few tips when styling with the pomade:

Paul: One trick when using Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is to make sure that it is all over front and back.  While you're styling, it helps to add a little spritz of water, which helps to melt down the product (kind of like a wax).  Start with a dime sized amount, and add as you go.  The important thing is to make sure that it is worked all the way through because if you just have it only on the top level, when the bottom level dries, it will puff up; especially if you're slicking it back.  Use the pomade on slightly damp hair, or add a few spritz of water to dry hair before styling.  

Visit The Belmont Barbershop at 111 E Broadway and book appointments at!

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