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It's a Guy Thing

Marianas Trench

Marianas Trench at Boys'Co Robson

by Boys'Co Online

June 09, 2015

Marianas Trench at Boys'Co Robson

We recently had the pleasure to invite Marianas Trench to our Robson store for a personal shopping session. We also had the opportunity to ask them some questions regarding fashion and their upcoming tour "The Legend Continues". (From left to right: Mike Ayley, Ian Casselman, Josh Ramsay, and Matt Webb)


Why did you choose Boys’Co for your wardrobe? 

Matt: We chose Boys'Co because anytime we have a photo-shoot or an award show like the MMVA's or the Juno's, Boys'Co is always our first stop and I'm not joking. Literally, we come here all the time.

Mike: We went to [Boys'Co] Oakridge before our photo-shoot!

Matt: Its funny, Ian and I used to work across the street at the milestones so we would bum in here all the time. We would always say "I can't wait for the day to be over to go to Boys'Co and stock up on stuff".


Marianas Trench Matt Webb

Lead guitarist, Matt Webb, taking a closer look at our Nudie Jeans 

What's your favourite song off the new album?

Matt: We just finished up this track called 'Burning Up' last night and it might be my favourite song on the new record. 

Ian: I like 'Yesterday', because it's super drum oriented, but it has a great vibe to it.  It’s a little discombobulated but the vibe is wicked.

Mike: One is called 'While we're young' and another is 'One love'; those are my favourite ones right now.  It always changes a bit as you go, but right now those are it.



Josh Ramsay Boys'Co Robson

 Lead vocalist and songwriter, Josh Ramsay, picking out some new wardrobe additions.

When can we expect your next single/music video.      

Matt: Probably at the end of summer, or September. We are looking for a September-October, maybe November release for the record. Hopefully we’ll have something before that, and hopefully we can use some of this Boys’Co gear in the shoots.


What one article of clothing do you have to bring with you on tour?

Matt: A leather jacket.

Mike: A very comfortable and durable leather jacket or something like that.

 Marianas Trench

Bass guitarist, Mike Ayley, rocking his SAXX underwear. 

Tell us something about this years “The Legend continues” tour?

Matt: We are excited because it’s our first time back in the US in a while; 2 years almost.  This tour is mostly just in the US but we do have a couple Canadian shows as well.

Ian: I feel like "The Legend Continues" is a US venture that we’ve been sort of grinding out a little bit and making some really good progress.  So, it's good to go back and see how the market reacts.  We’ll finally be playing some new songs too. Last summer we did a few festivals, but we didn’t have any of the new stuff for the shows.  So [this time], we’re finally going to be playing some new songs.


What kind of artists do you draw inspiration from?

Ian: This album has a lot of 80’s influence.

Matt: Yeah, a lot of 80's influence from bands like The Police, Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen, INXS, and Eurythmics.  For live setting, we've been really inspired by people with great production and artists who put on great shows, like Katy Perry. We're trying to [incorporate] some of those sweet production elements to put into our live show.


Percussionist, Ian Casselman, taking one last look through the store for any more pieces to add to his wardrobe haul.

Katy Perry is one of the only artists that does a lot of stage production.

Matt: We do a lot of that too and we feel like it's worth it.  People pay money to come see us play; the least we can do is put on a spectacle.


Do you guys hang out together a lot outside of tours? 

Matt: Yeah, for sure!  We are all from Vancouver: born and raised for the most part, and everybody lives within blocks from each other. It's just a big family.  We’ve been doing this for a lot of years now and I don’t know what life would be like without these guys.

Mike: Ian moved, so he's little bit less conveniently located; he moved down to the valley. We see a little bit less of him than we used to, but its still pretty frequent.

Ian: We still enjoy each others company even with [amount of] time we spend together, which is a miracle.


Marianas Trench Vancouver 

The boys looking at our selection of Herschel Supply Co. bags 

I know you guys have a recording studio down in Vancouver; do you do all your recording there?

Matt: Yes, Josh has a studio in Richmond and we also have a studio in Gastown.

Mike: If we have a 16 bass string orchestra, or a 10 to 11 drummer all-at-once kind of thing, we’ll go to a Warehouse where it's bigger and you have room to fit that many people and set it up properly.  But, everything else is done in the studios.



Marianas Trench

Matt and Mike taking a closer look at a Versace Bomber Jacket.

What are your favourite snack foods that you take on tour?

Matt: Oh man, I sure eat a lot of chips on tour.

Mike: We’re trying to be healthy actually, its always oatmeal and fruit.

Matt: “Wholegrain chips” and guacamole.

Mike: Its funny because if it’s a four week tour for the first three weeks we manage to keep it together but that last week is pizza every night. But, you eat things like rice cakes, and you just keep healthier stuff around like fruit in the morning.

Matt: Just give me avocado and guacamole, ill eat that all day.

Mike: Yeah, that’s a weakness.


Whats the craziest thing that’s happened during a performance?

Mike: There are so many, but you know this one time I was behind this venue in Texas, and some fan got past security.  She was sprinting straight at me and was literally about to hit me, but I think the security guard body checked her.  It didn’t look like she was slowing down, so I was like “Ahhhhhhhhh”. It was freaky, it was like a 50m dash.

Matt: There are some funny people out there but for the most part, crazy stage stuff like having pants rip all over the place or jocks hanging out on stage.

Ian: Yeah, Ramsey’s pants ripped hard and he was using a plexiglass guitar that was totally see-through, which is hilarious, right? The irony of the timing; it was a significant rip in the crotch area. The one time you're using a see-through guitar, of course that’s when you rip your pants.

Matt: We also played this great prank on Ian this one time, he was in the middle of this huge drum solo and we all just left the stage and never came back. So the show ended with Ian not knowing what to do.

Ian: I’m just sitting there and on the giant screen it says “Ian doesn’t know that we're playing this prank on him, and we’re not coming back. Thanks for coming to the show and see you next time.” And Im just sitting there and I can't see it of course because it's right behind me.  I kind of knew when they all left because we don’t usually leave at that point in the set and I just think to myself, “I wonder if they’re coming back” and then I realized “They're so not coming back”.


Ian having a moment with a pair of Red Wing Shoes  

How long into the solo until you realized that they were not coming back?

Ian: They where actually nice, maybe a couple minutes. Sometimes a prank you play on drummers at the last show of the tour you start stealing his drums at the end of the song, so he's left with like a kick drum and a snare drum, but you keep taking everything else.  So, they actually where kind enough to come back out and start doing that gag. Otherwise, just to leaving me there would've been more cruel. I thought it was hilarious. 


Can you tell us more about how Josh Ramsey came to work with Carly Rae Jepsen on "Call me maybe"?

Matt: Carly is an artist that was on our record label and we used to tour with her when she was up and coming.


Did she headline for you guys?

Matt: No, the other way around actually. Our manager put Carly and Josh in contact together, they really hit it off, and wrote a gem in the studio that took the world by storm.

Ian: We wrote a couple songs together before that.

Matt: We’ve known Carly for a long time.

Ian: You know it’s a good song when you have the right song, get lucky at the same time, and it's [also] super catchy.


Boys'Co Robson Marianas Trench

Boys'Co Co-Manager Nelson Bulhoes packing up the band's new wardrobe additions. 

Do you think she'll ever be a surprise guest on one of your tours? 

Matt: It’s a definite possibility that we will tour together in the future.


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