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It's a Guy Thing

Top 5 Music Festival Tips

by Boys'Co Online

July 14, 2015



If you are planning on going to a music festival this summer, take a look at some of our tips to dress and pack appropriately. 

Music festivals have long been known as the birthing ground of unique styles and fashion trends. It is the one place where you can dress as freely as you like without looking out of place. This however doesn't mean that you can't step up your style and truly prepare for the event in the best way possible.



Tip #1




From left to right: People Lennon Sandal, People Philips lace up, People Senna Driving Loafers


Its all about the right footwear


Don't be that guy that wears designer shoes to a multi-day festival. There are several reasons as to why this is a big mistake. The first being that you will most likely destroy them. It might seem like a good idea while you're packing but you will regret it the minute you get there. Chances are that you will be dancing in crowds and consuming alcohol (lets be realistic here), the last thing you want is people stepping on your $300+ shoes or you spilling beer all over them. 

If you're looking for a pair of sneakers that will hold their own during these festivals we recommend looking into People Footwear

 There are several reasons as to why these are a go-to for music festivals. First off, they are light, like super light. You will notice this immediately as soon as you pick them up and put them on for the first time. Secondly, they are waterproof (for the most part) but even the models that aren't, do surprisingly well when they get wet. This means that you can spill nearly anything on them and they will still be good to go. If these shoes do fail on you (which we highly doubt) you can be relieved to know that you didn't spend a fortune on them. With pairs starting at only $50, you will get a high quality and lightweight shoe that you will be convinced was made for these occasions.

Pick up your pair in-stores or online. 


Tip #2


So many Kodak moments.


Pack a disposable camera


People tend to have such a good time at music festivals that they sometimes find it hard to remember all the events that went down. The best way to hold on to some of those memories is to bring a camera along with you. We've seen people bring their expensive DSLR cameras to festivals, but its safe to say that they are either professional event photographers, or photography enthusiasts who are mostly just there to capture the event. You could use your phone to take pictures but you still have to deal with the risk of draining the battery too early or even worse, losing your phone. 

Disposable cameras are perfect for these events. They are cheap, portable, and if you do end up losing it it's not the end of the world. Worst case scenario you're down $10; The only real loss would be your precious photos. The best part is when you get the pictures developed afterwards to reveal all the hilarious moments that you captured. 



Tip #3

From left to right: Kuwalla Tee, Zanerobe Flintlock Tee, Workshop Camo V-Neck


Wear appropriate T-Shirts

This is a no brainer when it comes to music festivals. T-shirts are a staple at these events. We recommend going with lightweight basic cotton shirts with the following styles: basic t-shirts, all over print, and band t-shirts. If you're planning on sporting a band t-shirt, make sure that you actually listen to the band. The last thing you want is another fan striking up a conversation about the band without you knowing even a single song. The best place to find band shirts are at vintage clothing stores and thrift shops. For basic shirts we recommend going with a 3-pack of crew necks or v necks by Kuwalla tee. Also check out Workshops basic t-shirts. Again, you will most likely be rolling around in the grass, dancing up a storm, and spilling drinks all over the place. These shirts will handle all of the above without breaking the bank. All over printed t-shirts are definitely still in  and give off a laid back, summertime vibe. Take a look at the Zanerobe Flintlock T-shirt. We also recommend packing a tank-top or two, just in case the heat becomes an issue.  


Tip #4


From left to right: Workshop Water-Resistant Pineapple Print, Workshop Water-Resistant Grey Gingham Print, Workshop Water-Resistant Red Hingham Print



Short Sleeve shirts 

T-shirts are definitely more popular amongst music festival goers, but if you want to go for a sharper look, you might want to look into some short sleeve shirts.

Workshop has these really awesome shirts that come in a variety of patterns which are perfect for music festivals. Oh, and they're completely waterproof which means means that you can spill all the beer you want and you will still look dry and dapper. 


Tip #5 



From left to right: Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack, Herschel Seventeen Fanny Pack, Herschel Little America Backpack



Pack the right bag


You will be packing somewhat heavily for music festivals but don't forget to bring a portable bag for when you actually leave the campground to see the shows. These bags will come in handy to carry your wallet, cellphone, water, camera, and any other little things that might get lost on the way.

Backpacks are the obvious choice here with plenty of room to store all your valuables. Backpacks are great if you're planning on bringing a lot of gear with you to the shows. If that is not the case you might want to consider bringing an athletic bag. These bags have become relevant due to the sportswear trend. The third option if you're packing just the necessities are Fanny packs. 

Fanny packs have made a comeback, whether you like it or not. We've even seen these bags re-emerge on the runway by designers such as Valentino and Alexander Wang. For those of us who aren't looking to spend around $400+ for this accessory (most of us), take a look at Herschel Supply Co. and their range of colourful fanny packs which are ideal for music festivals. Available in-stores and online


Last words


Be safe and have fun. Music festivals are something special as they gives you a chance to see your favourite bands, meet other music enthusiasts from all around, and feel free completely immersed in the experience. Make sure that you're constantly wearing sunscreen, keeping hydrated, and drink responsibly. 





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