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Daniel Wellington Timepieces

Posted: Oct 13 2015


Daniel Wellingtons story all began when the founder Filip Tysander was traveling around the globe. While in the British Isles, he met a gentleman who really stood out to Filip due to his impeccable style and his love for old weathered NATO straps. Little did Filip know that this man would become a huge source of inspiration for his collection of watches. The man's name was Daniel Wellington of course, which is now the name of the brand. 

Mr. Wellington's impeccable style, class, and great life stories is what inspired Filip to create the Daniel Wellington timepieces we know today. Filip was intrigued by Wellingtons obsession with NATO straps, so he decided to let it become a large part of the design process. During the design process, Filip knew that he had to design a simple watch face with minimal features, in order to look good with the different patterns and colours of the NATO straps. 

That diligent design process led to the clean and perfectly round watch face that we know and love today.


The Straps


From left to right: Classic York, Classic Oxford, Classic Bristol


Daniel Wellingtons selection of straps has something for everyone. Wether you're at a formal suit and tie event, or simply at the beach, Daniel Wellingtons interchangeable and versatile straps make sure that you have one for any occasion.



The NATO strap first appeared in the British Navy. It was often used by divers who needed strong nylon straps over their wet suits. The leather straps featured on DW watches are made from genuine Italian quality leather and come in brown and black with either a silver or gold plated brace. 


Sizes and Models


The Daniel Wellington Dapper Watch


We currently carry timepieces by Daniel Wellington in two different sizes. The first is the classic 40mm size watch which comes in a silver or gold housing with a variety of different straps. We have also recently picked up their newest model, the Dapper watch, which features an even smaller watch face (38mm). This new model is also available in silver or rose gold and unlike the Classic watch, it features deep blue hands.

To take a look at our full range of Daniel Wellington watches and straps visit us in stores or click here.  

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