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It's a Guy Thing

Brand Spotlight: Uppercut Deluxe

by Boys'Co Online

November 17, 2015


Uppercut makes hair products that feel nostalgic but provide you with superior hair product made for the modern man. The company draws inspiration from 1950s barbershops and all of their product graphics represent just that. The company was founded by childhood friends Luke Newman and Steve Purcell who shared a passion for barbering, surfing, and skating. Before venturing off to making hair products, Luke and Steven learned and mastered the trade of cutting mens hair. They've always been fascinated with the community and relationship building aspect of the trade and this passion eventually led them down the road of making premium hair products. When they decided to start making hair products, they aimed to create something that they would be proud to promote to their clientele. After several experimentations with different formulas, they released their first product which was the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade. 

The branding of their products was inspired from Luke Newman's Grandfather who was a boxer under the nickname "Uppercut" in Australia.  The logo which is featured on most of their products represent two boxers exchanging blows in a vintage graphic style. 

We currently carry several different types of their hair product along with their slick-back style combs. We'll go into each product with a bit more detail below.





Uppercut Monster Hold




Definitely their most hardcore product, the Uppercut Monster Hold pomade is for guys who are going for a more intense hairstyle and need the extra hold. This powerful product is sweat resistant, making it the perfect product if you're playing sports or live in a city that is windy and experiences a lot of rainfall (looking at you Vancouver). The Uppercut Monster Hold works with no matter which hairstyle you're going for and gives your hair that extra kick it needs to stay in place all day.



Hair styled with Uppercut Monster Hold

Source: Uppercut Deluxe



Uppercut Deluxe Pomade



The Uppercut Deluxe Pomade was their first product that they ever formulated and released. This product works with a wide range of different hairstyles. The most popular look that this product works well with is the classic slick-back. Compared to the other products, the Deluxe Pomade is light and washes out with ease. This pomade will keep your hair in place without weighing it down. The Deluxe Pomade is your bread and butter when it comes to hair products. 




Hair styled with Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Source: Uppercut Deluxe



Uppercut Matt Clay



The Uppercut Matt Clay is perfect for guys who want to piece out their hair and have more control over their style without getting that waxy shine. The Matt Clay gives you more freedom over styling your hair and gives you a re-workable hold. This product is a lot thicker in consistency and provides you with a strong and reliable hold. If your hair is difficult to control and you prefer a product that doesn't give off too much shine, the Uppercut Matt Clay is right for you. 



Hair styled with Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay

Source: Uppercut Deluxe



Uppercut Featherweight



Although named the Featherweight due to its light consistency, this Uppercut product will still provide a reliable and natural looking hold. It has a dry finish which means that it wont give you the shine that you'd expect from other products. If you want to go for a messier look, definitely give this product a try. Also if you aren't a fan of washing out strong hold pomades you will love this product. It is water soluble which means that it will wash out much easier than competing products. Due to it's lighter hold, the Uppercut Featherweight is ideal for shorter hairstyles but can still be used for most haircuts. 



Hair styled with Uppercut Featherweight

Source: Uppercut Deluxe





Uppercut Deluxe Classic Black Comb


Uppercut Deluxe Tortoise Shell Comb


Uppercut Deluxe also makes combs that compliment their hair products really well. The comb gives off an old school barber vibe and provides you with the durability and functionality to keep your hair nice and slick. 


On top of having a great line of hair products, Uppercut goes the extra mile by providing numerous product demonstration videos which guide you through achieving the perfect hair styles. Some of our favourite instructional videos include the Easy Slick Back tutorial which demonstrates how to achieve the perfect slick back with the help of the Uppercut Featherweight product and an Uppercut comb. Their video tutorial for the High & Tight slick-back is also a good one which highlights their Monster Hold pomade. 


Easy Slick Back Tutorial



High & Tight Slick Back Tutorial



Click here to take a look at our full range of Uppercut products. If you'd like to learn more and check out more of their instructional videos, take a look at their website here.  

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