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It's a Guy Thing

5 Questions with Matt Townsend from Nudie Jeans

by Boys'Co Online

December 07, 2015


Ever since the Nudie Jeans' inception in 2001, it has established a name for itself as a premium denim brand. During the time of the brands launch, Nudie Jeans made a commitment to creating the finest quality denim with the use of 100% organic cotton. These values are deeply imbedded in the genes of the brand and still stand strongly today. After 14 years since its launch, Nudie Jeans can be found at 2,000 multi-brand retailers in 28 countries worldwide. 


The most notable aspect of the brand is it's strong commitment to using 100% organic cotton denim and operating in a socially responsible manner. This has in no way compromised the quality of the denim, with the majority of the production taking place in Italy. If you already own a pair of Nudie Jeans and don't know about their awesome repair shops, you can thank us later. Nudie Jeans promises free repairs on every single pair of jeans sold. This initiative is part of their commitment to being a sustainable denim brand. The free repairs take place at either one of their repair shops, or in the form of a Repair Kit. Their commitment to sustainability goes even further, including reselling repurposed second-hand and worn-out products. 


Matt Townsend from Nudie Jeans Co. stopped by our Robson location last week and shared some product knowledge with us. We sat down with him and asked him 5 questions about the brand to give us a better insight of Nudie's transition from dry raw denim to washed denim, their new fit the "Lean Dean", as well as future plans for special collections.


West Coast Account Executive Matt Townsend on the right


What are some denim trends that you have noticed in 2015 and how has that affected the direction of Nudie Jeans?


Matt: The overall direction of the denim market right now is in the transition of being more contemporary. We’re seeing a lot of tonal back-pockets, a bit more stretch in the fabric, and washes are coming back super strong. That has really changed our whole concept because we’ve been a dry denim company forever. Now that is not the case anymore and we’ve experienced the transition to washes as you see on the table (points at our Nudie Jeans table).  There are 6 different wash options out there and that’s what’s selling right now. So that really tells us, as a brand, that everything has been changing completely tenfold in 2015, from dry raw denim into washed denim.


So you’ve noticed a surge in popularity in washed denim?


Matt: Yea definitely. Washes are selling 10 to 1 compared to dries right now.



Nudie jeans recently added a new fit to their selection of denim. What can you tell us about the fit on the “Lean Dean” pants?


Matt: The Lean Dean is our grown up version of the classic Thin Finn. It’s a bit of an evolved version, but it features the same taper. It has a 14-inch leg opening. The silhouette is carrot top shaped, so you get a lot more room up top and a drastic taper below. You also don’t have the drop yoke that is featured on the Thin Finns, which has been our classic tapered denim forever. So, it’s a normal rise, normal waist, and normal yolk with a very drastic taper below.


Are there any collaboration that are coming down the pipeline for Nudie Jeans?


Matt: We don’t necessarily do collaborations, however we will do limited releases for which we have made a limited USA made selvedge. We just did a collaboration with Liberty which is a department store in London. We did a Stone Mason replica 6 months ago which is just a really heavy wash. In terms of collaborations, we don’t do those with independent stores generally, we will usually just do a release of something special.



Previous special collections  


Last question: A customer walks into a store. He sees Naked & Famous, NEUW denim, and Nudie Jeans. Why should the customer go for the Nudie Jeans?


Matt: It’s a matter of branding. People look at a denim table and see all those brands and 9 out of 10 customers will go directly for the Nudie Jeans whether they buy them or not. They are going directly to the Nudies because we’ve been such an innovator in the denim world. We have all these new guys, such as Naked & Famous and NEUW and they’re great, they really are, but people associate us with being a premium denim brand and whether they purchase our brand or not, they go directly to us because they realize who we are. So it’s basically just our brand presence, which is quite strong.


Our current selection of Nudie Jeans include the Grim Tim, Thin Finn, Pipe Led, and their newest silhouette, the Lean Dean. 

Here's a closer look at all the details of the different fits. 






We currently carry all of the mentioned models in stores and the Grim Tim and Thin Finn online. Expect the Lean Dean to become available online very soon! 

Click here to shop our currently selection of Nudie Jeans.

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