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Dating Tips - How To Look More Attractive

Posted: Feb 07 2017

How To Look More Attractive


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We live in a physical world. There is no argument about it. We all know that looks aren’t everything, however when it comes to dating, first impressions are often made based off our initial visual instincts.

Everyone is dealt a different hand of cards at birth. Some of us may have lucked out and grown taller than others, while others were born with more attractive facial features. No matter what cards you’ve been dealt, there are certain things that any man can do to look more attractive. Incorporate these tips in your life to start looking better and feeling more confident starting today!


Body Hair


Body Hair On Men

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Looking more attractive can be as simple as some manscaping.  A study that was conducted in both New Zealand and California asked women about their preference when it comes to body hair. This study was conducted by showing women pictures of men with varying degrees of body hair. Those with less body hair received higher ratings in this study. The higher the amount of chest and abdominal hair, the more ratings for attraction suffered.

Our tips: Although managing your body hair is important, we don’t recommend shaving everything off. There is a fine balance between looking like a grizzly bear and a naked mole rat. When it comes to facial hair, keep it tidy and groomed. It’s a good idea to manage your chest, back, and private areas especially if you’re anticipating a hot date.


Bad Breath


How to look more attractive, bad breath

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Who knew that looking more attractive could be achieved simply by having good breath? First impressions are everything and when it comes to talking to a potential partner, nothing will stop the conversation quite as quickly as having bad breath. If the person notifies you about it, don't take any offence. Consider yourself lucky that they were honest enough to notify you about the problem so you can fix it the next time around!


Our tips: Brush your teeth! Once in the morning and once at night is the minimum, but if your breath tends to be stronger than most, consider brushing after every meal. Make sure to scrub your tongue while you’re at it since most of the bad scent is coming from there. Just to be 100% sure, always use mouthwash after your brush. Carrying a pack of gum with you is also a great idea just in case you forgot to brush or need to freshen your breath on the spot.


Make Yourself Appear Taller


dating tips, looking taller

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Of course this tip can be ignored if you've lucked out on the genetic lottery and turned out to be taller than 6 feet. For the rest of us, appearing taller can be a major factor when it comes to looking more attractive. There are a number of studies, which showed that women preferred partners who are taller than them. Furthermore, women often ranked men who are taller as more attractive than their shorter counterparts. Not a pro basketball player? Not to worry, there are some tricks to make you appear taller.


Our tip: Wear boots. Not only will this be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your superior taste in clothing, but the heels of your boots will give you that extra added height which you may be looking for. Sneakers can also work here, but stay away from silhouettes with small midsoles if you’re trying to appear taller. When it comes to pants, get them tailored so they don’t bunch up on your shoes. Vertical stripes will also give you the illusion of being taller.


Fix that posture!


fixing posture, dating advice

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Yes, standing up straight can make you seem more attractive. This tip goes hand in hand with our last point of making yourself look taller. Fixing your posture comes with a multitude of benefits such as appearing more confident, dominant, and overall more open to being approached.


Our tip: Focus on fixing your posture by implementing a daily stretching routine. If you sit at a desk all day at work, focus on keeping your back straight. No more slouching!

Define that Jaw!


defined jawline

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A study on facial attractiveness, which was conducted in 2011, found that women in their most fertile phase of their cycle preferred men with defined jawlines. The hypothesis is that high testosterone levels are responsible for emphasizing masculine facial features and also indicate a stronger immune system which women biologically are drawn to.


Our tip: Don’t have a naturally chiseled jaw line? Not to worry, a little bit of facial hair can fix that. Consider growing out a bit of stubble in order to define your jaw.




mens grooming, hygiene

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Manageable body hair and good breath are important factors, but even more important is personal hygiene. You can’t win someones heart if they can’t even comfortably stand 2 feet away from you. This goes without saying, but personal hygiene is something that guys often times neglect and it is one of the biggest deal breakers when it comes to landing you that date.


Our tips: Shower once a day. You don’t need to use shampoo everyday, but washing your body with a bar of soap and water once a day is a must. If your job requires you to do a lot of manual work, make sure to always shower after as well, especially when you’re planning on going out afterwards Buy yourself some deodorant and apply after every shower. Invest in cologne and use it every morning.

Trim Your Nails

nails, dating tips

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Seriously. People notice this stuff. If your fingers look as if you've been living in cave for the past 6 months, you’ll have no chance on scoring yourself a hot date. The key here is to trim every two to three days after getting out of the shower.


Our tips: Trim them down to a thin white line, remove any dirt that’s sitting underneath your nails and thank us later.


Get a Haircut


manscaping, mens grooming tips

Image via Pinterest


Guys tend to get lazy when it comes to regularly getting their hair cut. It’s 2017 and guys put effort into their hair more than ever. We’ve all used the excuse of “growing it out” in order to avoid the barber, however even if you’re trying out a longer hairstyle, you will still need to give your barbershop a visit in order to fix your split ends.

Our tips: Visit your barber for a trim every two to three weeks in order to always appear clean cut. Extend your visit to four to six weeks if you’re going for a longer hairstyle.

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