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It's a Guy Thing

Finding Ideal Glasses for Face Shapes

A guide to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses

by Boys'Co Online

July 26, 2016

Finding the right sunglasses for your face



So summertime is now in full effect and you want to protect your eyes from the bright sunlight. It may seem pretty straight forward to just pick out a pair of sunglasses right? Well it's easy to pick up any pair of shades but finding a pair which suits your face is a little trickier. Facial shape is by far the most crucial aspect of buying the right sunglasses, but other factors such as skin tone, silhouette and colour also play an important role. Keep reading below to discover which category you fall into and which sunglasses will compliment your face the most. 


Step 1 of finding your ideal pair of sunglasses is to identify which category you fall into in terms of facial structure. Depending on which guide you're referencing to, there can be a multitude of different facial profiles, but realistically the ones most people fall into are the following four. 



Oval Face


Finding the right sunglasses for your face, oval shape The first facial shape we'll take a look at is the oval face. Oval faces are generally characterized as having higher and wider cheekbones compared to other face types. Having an oval face makes picking out a pair of suitable sunglasses much easier as most frames and lenses will match this type. The only rule you'll want to abide by with an oval face is to pick a frame which is as wide as the widest point on your face. 


Oval Shaped Face Sunglasses Frames


 Round Face


Finding the right sunglasses for your face, round shape This facial type is pretty straightforward and easy to identify. Round faces are characterized by having the same height and width with softer edges compared to other facial types. Since you don't want to further emphasize on the roundness of your face, circular lenses should be avoided. To contrast the softer edges of your face, look for frames with sharper silhouettes to add definition. Wayfarers, for example, work really well with rounder faces. Another rule to stick by is to make sure the sunglasses are slightly wider than your cheeks. 


Sharp Framed Sunglasses Fro Round Faces



 Square Face


Finding the right sunglasses for your face, square shape A square face shape is comparable to a round face in a few ways except for the fact that it sports a strong jawline which is essentially as wide as your forehead. To counteract the sharp edges of your face, opt in for rounder frames to soften the angularity. Another goal with square faces is to create a lengthened silhouette with the right frames. Stick to neutral colours such as cream and beige to make your face appear thinner and softer. 


Round Sunglasses For Square Shaped Faces


 Heart Shaped Face

Finding the right sunglasses for your face, heart shapeThis silhouette is defined by having a wide forehead which tapers sharply towards the bottom. Your most distinguished features with a heart shaped face are your high cheekbones and tapered and defined jawline. Again like with all other face shapes, the goal here is to counteract and minimize your most prominent facial feature. In this case, you will want to reduce the width of the top of your face and broaden the lower half of your face. Frames which are wider than your forehead and/or have prominent end points should definitely be considered. The heart shaped face is a lot more versatile than a square and round face so a lot of different styles could work here. 


Sunglassses Frames For Heart Shaped Face




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