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Footwear Guide: Cleaning Suede Shoes

Posted: Nov 17 2016

How to clean Suede Shoes

How to Care for Suede Shoes


Suede has been incorporated into men's footwear for quite some time now, but it has especially seen a rise in popularity in the fashion community over the last few years. It first started with the wide adoption of the desert boot and now it's shifted towards the chelsea boot. There’s an unspoken coolness and timelessness about this fabric, but if you own a pair of suede shoes, you know how difficult it can be to take care of them.

Don't sweat it. We have all the tips you'll need to clean your suede shoes and keep them looking fresh.


How to clean suede shoes 


Cleaning Suede Shoes

The best way to start cleaning your dirty suede shoes is to grab a soft bristled brush and remove any surface dirt and stains. You'll want to brush vigorously in one direction to get all the dirt particles off while maintaining the suede's natural flow. 

If you come across any stubborn marks, get yourself an eraser and scrub them away. You can either use a pencil eraser or get yourself a special suede eraser. 


If your stain still isn’t going away, grab some plain white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Pour a bit onto a white washcloth and rub onto the stain. Unlike water, vinegar and rubbing alcohol won’t stain your item.

Let your item dry and then use the brush and the eraser again.

If the stain is still not going away, grab some plain white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Although neither of these products should cause any discolorations, use them with caution. Pour a little bit onto a white washcloth and rub onto the stain. Let dry and then use your brush and eraser again. 



Jason Markk Suede Cleaning Kit


Protecting Suede Shoes


Unless you’re wearing your suede shoes during the summertime, you should absolutely at least spray your pair with a water repellent product. This will ensure that the fragile suede material won’t be damaged by water or salt stains. Repeat this process every few months or so to ensure they’re water repellent at all times.

Another accessory to invest in this season is a suede brush and cleaning block. These two tools are great for removing those stubborn stains. The suede brush is specially made for sensitive fabrics. It usually features a small wire and bristle that helps maintain the fabrics natural nap. Brushing your suede shoes after every use will ensure that it keeps its natural nap and can help eliminate excess dirt that may be sitting on the shoes.


Storing your Suede Shoes


Cleaning Suede


When it comes to storing your favourite suede shoes, you'll have to be more careful. Unlike regular leather shoes, you’ll want to avoid storing suede in any type of plastic bag as this will prevent much needed air circulation to keep your shoes fresh. Instead, place them into a cotton shoe bag (or pillowcase) to ensure they can breathe. You’ll also want to make sure to store them in a cool and dry place.

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