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How To Become A Better Dresser - Finding Clothes That Fit

how to become a better dresser

Finding clothes that you like is easy. Finding clothes that fit? Not so much. In this post we will be focusing on how to become a better dresser through identifying how your clothes should and shouldn't fit. 

by Bold Support

January 16, 2017

How to find clothes that fit


Finding clothes that you like is easy. Finding clothes that fit? Not so much. In this post we will be focusing on how to become a better dresser through identifying how your clothes should and shouldn't fit. 


How to Find Clothes That Fit

This article will highlight the importance of finding clothes that fit. Although wearing apparel which fits your body is an important step, other factors such diet and exerciser can have a drastic effect on how good clothes naturally look on your body. Losing a few extra pounds if you are on the heavier side will naturally make your clothes appear more flattering on your body. If your body represents that of a twig, then eating well and excising will do wonders for your health and overall physique. 


Taking the Steps to Become a Better Dresser

Fashion epiphany. It has happened to almost all of us at some point. One day you're walking around in your ill fitting cargo pants with a plaid shirt and sandals, next you realize that you want to start dressing better. Okay maybe your fashion sense was never quite that bad but nonetheless. Luckily, it only takes a few tweaks in your wardrobe to instantly become a better dresser. 

Finding clothes that fit properly won't require you to break the bank, so don't go out spending a fortune on brand new clothes in the hopes that you will start looking better. Truth is, in order to become a better dresser, the most important factor is that your clothes fit right. Here are some examples.


how a suit shouldnt fit

Image via Restart Your Style


Look at the suit on the left and on the right. The difference in these two fits is astonishing right? Take your blazers, trousers, and dress shirts to a reputable tailor in your area and thank us later. Truth is that when it comes to clothes, many people think that the more you spend on an article of clothing, the better you'll look. This is false. The suit on the left could cost $1,000 but since it doesn't fit, it will never be flattering. 


How to Find Clothes that Fit - Shirts

When it comes to finding the perfect dress shirt, the answer is that you probably wont. Fact of the matter is that no brand can cater to every single specific body type. While some men have better luck at finding shirts that fit, others are left out in the dark. Not to worry, there is nothing that a good tailor can't fix. 


Make sure that you are neither swimming in nor being suffocated by your collar. A good rule of thumb is to see if you can fit two fingers inside of the collar comfortably. If you can, then it is a good indicator that it fits properly. 


Drake shirt collar

If you're still unsure, refer to this picture of Drake.



Another area which you need to pay close attention to are your shirt cuffs. Too long and you'll look like you're wearing your dads shirt, too short and you'll look like you're wearing your little brother's. Find a happy medium by having the cuff rest just above (about 2 cm) from your wrist bone. 


How cuffs should fit

Image via Proper Cloth


T-Shirts & Sweaters

When it comes to judging whether a t-shirt or sweater fits properly, start off by lifting your arms up. If your midriff becomes excessively exposed, then it's a sign that you should be sizing up. The current trend with t-shirts is to go for an over-sized look, but even then you should be careful not to go overboard since sizing up too much does not help flatter your body. 


how to wear a baggy t-shirt

Image via Pinterest


Finding Pants that Fit 

When it comes to wearing pants that fit and flatter your body, our answer will always be slim. Unless you're a professional body builder with massive tree trunks, we always advise to stay away from baggy pants as they won't help with your journey to find perfectly fitting clothes. 

Best place to start when looking for pants that fit is to find out your waist size. Although cuts from jean to jean will vary, you should always stick to your true waist size. Most men's pants will come in a 32 length, however once again this isn't the ideal length for all men. If the waist and the fit is great but the length is a little too long, not to worry. You can always get them tailored to the right length. If you are on the taller side, you will want to make sure that you get the sizing right, as adding length to a hem is not possible. 


Image via Pinterest


A good rule of thumb for your pant hems is to have them sit on top of our shoes without bunching up too much. A bit of extra length is okay if you plan on rolling them up. 

Finding Jackets that Fit

Finding a jacket that fits just right can be easy as long as you pay attention to the details. The first thing you'll want to check for is to see how the shoulders fit. You want your shoulders to be filled out perfectly, without leaving any excess fabric. The best way to find out whether your jacket is too tight nor not is to lift your arms. If your movement is restricted, size up. Next, check and see where the sleeves sit. If they're drowning your wrist, it's a sign to size up. However if they're too short, your jacket will be really uncomfortable.


How a jacket should fitImage via Pinterest


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