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Footwear Guide: How to Clean Sneakers

Posted: Nov 22 2016

How to clean your sneakers and runners

How to Clean your Sneakers

Your sneakers and runners are probably the shoes that get the most abuse. Let’s face it, whenever you’re unsure of what footwear to wear or simply want to be comfortable, you’ll opt in for your sneakers. Thankfully this type of footwear is much easier to clean, especially compared to suede and other types of leather.


With a few simple tips and tricks, worrying about cleaning your sneakers will be a problem of the past.



How to clean your sneakers

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Washing Shoes in Washing Machine 


If your sneakers have taken a beating, then it's perhaps time to give them a good wash. No, literally. Throw them into the washer.Just a few precautions you'll want to take here. First things first, we only recommend cleaning your runners and sneakers with this method. Avoid this strategy for washing leather or suede shoes.


  1. Take the laces off
  2. Put your shoes into a pillowcase
  3. Throw some additional towels in the wash
  4. Set the washing machine to cold


Once finished, take your sneakers out of the bag and let them air dry for a couple hours. And there you go! Your sneakers will look practically good as new. 


How to clean your sneakers

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Cleaning Laces and Insoles


Your laces deserve just as much attention as anything else. After all, if your sneakers are squeaky clean but your laces are still dirty, your shoes will still look dirty. If you’re washing your sneakers in the washing machine, just throw the laces in there as well! Make sure to put them in a cloth bag so they don’t get swallowed by your washer.

The insides of your shoes matter just as much as the outside. To tackle bad insole odor remove them and leave them outside to air out. You can also remove the insoles and store them away in a box with some baking soda.


Storing your Runners and Sneakers


How to store your sneakers

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Another important but often overlooked tip is how to store your sneakers properly while they aren't being used. Adopting these tips will ensure that your footwear doesn't suffer during their much deserved downtime. 

With sneakers, you have two options to store them the right way. The first is to invest into some wooden shoe tree's. Shoe tree's are excellent at absorbing any moisture residue as well as help your sneakers maintain their shape while they aren't being worn. Your second option is to simply stuff them with some newspaper.  



How to clean your sneakers and runners

Image via Jason Markk



If you've cleaned your sneakers but still aren't happy with the results, it may be time to tackle the stains with Jason Markk's shoe cleaning products. Grab yourself an Essential Kit, check out our detailed guide, and you're all set!



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