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It's a Guy Thing

How To Dress For Different Types of Body Shapes

How to dress for different types of body shapes

Wondering what kind of clothes would be the most flattering for your body shape? Check out our mens style tips of how to dress for different body shapes.

by Bold Support

January 11, 2017

Dressing for your body shape


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Every bodies different. In the world of fashion, this can have a huge influence since some clothes will be more flattering than others. Although people often blindly follow all the hot trends, many forget to step back and think if it would actually suit their physique. Although we wholeheartedly promote unique style and wearing what you like, this post aims to help you identify your body type and  give you advice on what clothes to wear if you're trying ti achieve a balanced silhouette. 



The Rhomboid Body Shape


how to dress for your body shape - rhomboid

Best identified by having a set of wide shoulders and chest, the rhomboid body shape is very simple to dress. If you fall into this category, you will have a relatively balanced upper and lower body so you don't need to be too picky when it comes to how you dress.

Bold shapes and daring outfit silhouettes are encouraged with this body shape. Most body shapes will benefit from detracting or amplifying certain parts of your body, but if you fall into the rhomboid category, consider yourself lucky. 


how to dress rhomboid shape

Image via Pinterest


Rhomboid Body Shape - What to Wear

- Patterns. Although patterns are often reserved to draw attention to a certain area of your body, people with a rhomboid body shape can experiment with it freely as they are proportionate. 

- Silhouettes. You can be daring with your silhouettes. Just make sure to not over-exaggerate any parts of your body and you will be fine.  



The Reverse Triangle


Different Types of Body Shapes - reverse triangle

If you fall into this category, the truth is that you've probably been hitting the gym quite frequently. This body shape is identified as having a broad chest and set of shoulders, thus looking like a reverse triangle. Although this body shape is desired by most men, it can still benefit from some dressing tips in order to achieve a silhouette more similar to the rhomboid shape. 



Image via Pinterest


Reverse Triangle Body Shape - What to Wear

- Horizontally striped shirts. Especially from the chest down, horizontal stripes will help create the illusion of a narrow waist. 

- V-neck sweaters and t-shirts. Wearing a sweater or t-shirt with a v-neck collar will make your chest loo more narrow while moving the eyes downwards and away from your broadest parts. 

*Avoid wearing scoop necklines as they further emphasize your wider upper body.

- Slim/straight trousers. We get it, skinny jeans are still in and probably will be for the foreseeable future. If you are trying to achieve a better silhouette with your body shape however, consider wearing slim/straight trousers in order detract focus from your slimmer lower half.

- Patterned Bottoms. Wearing bottoms which incorporate heavy prints such as camouflage, can help take the focus away from your upper half. 


Rectangular Body Shape

Different Types of Body Shapes - rectangle

A rectangular body shape is categorized by having their shoulders, waist, and hips all aligned. If your body identifies as rectangular shape, your goal is to widen your shoulders while narrowing the bottom half of your body. Here is how.

Rectangular Body Shape - What to Wear


Well tailored suit - horizontal stripes

Image via Pinterest


- Horizontally striped shirts. Similar to the reverse triangle shape, you will want to create the illusion of a more structured body. Achieve this by wearing horizontal stripes. 

- A well tailored suit. Buying a well fitting suit and having it tailored can drastically better your body shape to look more like a rhomboid shape. 

- Layer up. Layering several articles of clothing can help widen the chest area which is much needed with a rectangular body shape.

- Circular necklines, although not recommended for the reverse triangle shape, works incredibly well here. It will help create the illusion of a broader upper body. 


Triangular Body Shape


Different Types of Body Shapes - triangle

As the name suggests, a triangular body shape is characterized with shoulders much more narrow than the waist and hips. As with all other body shapes (except for rhomboid), the goal here is to balance out your overall body shape. 


How to dress a triangular shape

Image via Pinterest


Triangular Body Shape - What to Wear

- Vertical stripes. Shirts with this kind of pattern will create the illusion of a slimmer frame. Horizontal stripes can also help, but only if they are from the chest up.

- Structured jackets. Any well fitting jacket which outlines your shoulders will work wonders here. Avoid wearing over-sized jackets as they wont help create a balanced body shape. 

- Fitted clothing. If you have a triangular body shape, it is incredibly important to avoid wearing baggy clothing in general. Baggy clothes will only insinuate a triangular body shape. 


Round Body Shape


Different Types of Body Shapes - circular


Although most people generally fall into this category as they get past their prime, some people start off round as soon as they hit puberty. If you fall into this category, not to worry! It takes a little bit of extra effort to balance out your body shape, however with these simple tricks, you can create a more balanced silhouette. 


How to dress for round body shapes

Image via Pinterest


Round Body Shape - What to Wear

- Vertical stripes. Similarly to the triangle shape, vertical stripes achieve a slimming illusion. Try incorporating vertical stripes into your wardrobe. 

*Avoid wearing horizontal stripes at all cost. 

- Tailored clothing. Ensuring that your sleeves and pant hems are the proper length instead of bunching up will result in much better proportions. 

- Fitted trousers. Wearing fitted pants will help lengthen the silhouette of your legs. 



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