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How To Pinroll Jeans

Posted: Mar 11 2017

how to pinroll jeans


Pin-Rolling Your Jeans

The art of pin-rolling is a real life saver, but unfortunately it is a skill overlooked (or done improperly) by many. Pin-rolling refers to the cinching of the bottom hem of your pants. This can be done for a multitude of reasons such as tapering pants which are too long for your body, avoid any bleeding from the denim onto your sneakers, or simply to show off your kicks.


Pin-Rolling Vs Cuffing

Although similar, the process of pin rolling is slightly different from cuffing. Cuffing shortens the overall length but maintains the fit of your jeans. Pin rolling both shortens and tapers your jeans. Cuffing a pair of straight leg jeans will result in a shorter straight leg silhouette. Pinrolling a pair of straight leg jeans will not only shorten, but also taper the hem to a skinny fit.


How It’s Done

- Put on your desired jean and stand up straight

- Grab the inner seam at the bottom of one of your legs and pinch it. The more fabric you pinch, the tighter the pin-roll, so make sure to do some experimenting.

- Fold the fabric against your ankle so the fabric overlaps and roll the jeans up by an inch or two.

- You can either leave it at one roll but we suggest rolling up once more (if the fabric allows) to ensure a more secure pin roll.

- Smooth out creases and you’re good to go!




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