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How to Wear Camo Print

Posted: Jan 05 2017

How to wear camo print


While the camo print seems like the fashion statement of the army, it is not just limited to the men in arms. This article contains simple styles and a variety of ways that camo print can be rocked. Whether you are a newbie or an expert at rocking the army pattern, this article is sure to educate or step up your sense of style when it comes to wearing camo printed clothing. Regardless of your body type, this print design is a good look as long as it is properly styled to suit you. Here’s our guide which lists the top four ways you can wear the camo print.

  • Camo Jacket
  • Camo Jacket and Chinos 
  • Denim Jacket and Camo Trousers
  • Smart and Casual Camo pants


Camo Jacket


camo jacket, mens style tips

Image via Pinterest


The camo jacket is considered the introductory outfit for newbies at rocking the camo print. Chances are, you never have had to try on the camo print but you are looking to make a fashion switch to camos; camo jackets are simply the best place to start. As an outerwear piece, the design of a camo jacket is quite classic and doesn’t exactly make as much of a fashion statement as the more iconic army print designs which makes it easier to wear.

You simply cannot go wrong with the camo Jacket.

Camo Jacket and Chinos

Pulling off a classic combo when it comes fashion is primarily centered around getting your shades right and then ensuring that whatever you are wearing truly compliments your body. In other words, your outfit has to fit. While most people are focused on how how much they've spent on a certain outfit, the key to looking good all lies within the fit.


camo jacket and chino

Image via Pinterest


You could be wearing the most exclusive camo jacket but if the shade and size of your jacket doesn’t sit well with that of your chino and physique respectively, you are doing it wrong. To get the best look out of the classic camo jacket – chino combination, make sure you wear a darker shade of chino (especially if you’re wearing a green camo jacket).


Denim Jacket and Camo Trousers

Opposites attract and this statement may not get any truer than in the combination of denim jackets and camo trousers. As contrasting as this combination might seem, it beats going all out in camos and looking like you really belong do belong in the military. It takes more than just slapping on the camouflage pattern to make a great fashion statement. Check out the pictures below to catch a glimpse of the Denim Jacket – Camo Trousers synergy. 


denim jacket and camo trousers

Image via Pinterest


Smart and Casual Camo Pants

Fashion sometimes defies gravity by combining two seemingly contrasting looks to get a more stylish look. A smart shirt on camo pants might sound like a fashion mishap waiting to happen, but if you paired this outfit with a leather jacket, you can take the look to the next level.

 Check out the picture below for insights on this iconic combination.


smart and casual camo pants

Image via Pinterest



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