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iPhone 7 Rumors, Glasses For Face Shapes, Pokemon Go And More

Posted: Jul 29 2016


The Boys'Co weekly roundup combines the latest in pop culture, fashion, food and more into one style magazine for men. This weeks mens style guide will help you find sunglasses for face shapes, teach you how to make a delicious Whiskey Sour and also talk about the most recent iPhone 7 rumors & Pokemon Go.  


Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses


glasses for face shape sunglasses guide


Ever struggle to find the right glasses for your face shape? In case you missed it, read up on our quick guide which will help you find the right pair to compliment your overall facial structure. Doesn't matter if your face is round, oval, square, or heart shaped, the perfect pair of sunglasses are waiting for you. 



iPhone 7 Rumors


iPhone 7 rumors iPhone 7 release date ios 7

Image via Hypebeast


It seems like so long ago when tech giant Apple released their iPhone 6 model. Although the iPhone 7 release date is not yet clear, some details have been surfacing over the past few weeks. Leaked images show that the iPhone 7 pro will sport a dual-camera set-up compared to the other models. Looking at a picture of all three models, the iPhone 7 pro and plus are comparable in size but they almost dwarf the regular iPhone 7. We will be announcing more details as they emerge so stay tuned. 



Pokemon Go!


Pokemon Go play pokemon online


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed the Pokemon Go craze which literally seems to have affected the whole world. If you didn't play Pokemon back in the early days, don't worry. This game is plenty of fun for old fans and new. Pokemon games have always done a great job at giving the player a sense of adventure and now you can catch the original roster in real life. No need to wait for the next Pokemon game because Pokemon Go is now available in Canada. The game may seem deceptively simple at first, but if you're considering catching them all and becoming a Pokemon master, we highly recommend taking a look at some guides online before you dive in. 



The Perfect Whiskey Sour


How to make the perfect whiskey sour


Ok so we may have jumped the gun by releasing the recipe earlier this week, but it's finally Friday so why not whip up some delicious Whiskey Sour cocktails for you and your friends? Chances are that you already have all the ingredients at home! Plus, they're incredibly easy to make. 



Style Icon Alert - Pharell Williams


Pharell Williams Men Fashion


Not a lot of people can wear what Pharell Williams wears and get away with it. This multi-talented creative genius always knows how to stunt the scene. We've listed off our top 5 favourite celebrity style looks by Williams just so we can all take a note or two. 





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