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Key Winter Trends 2016

Posted: Nov 30 2016

 Winter Outfits, Winter Style, what to wear in winter, clothes to wear in winter, winter attire


Wondering what clothes to wear in winter? Looking for the most recent mens fashion trends for the season? Well you've come to the right place! Check out our round-up of favourite items that will take your winter style to the next level. 


Coats and Jackets


The very core of all winter outfits is a proper jacket. We've previously stressed the importance of investing in a solid winter jacket. The obvious choices season after season are parkas, bombers, and vests. We say throw out all those predictable styles and go for a puffy jacket instead! Don't get us wrong, there is nothing bad about wearing one of the more traditional styles of jackets this season, but puffy jackets are definitely making a comeback. Wear one with your regular winter layers and a pair of sneakers for a street ready look. Although going with neutral colours is your safest bet, we recommend taking a risk with a brightly coloured one instead. 


Winter Jackets - Puffy Jackets

Image via Pinterest



There is no better feeling than stepping out of your house knowing that your footwear can take on anything that the elements may throw your way. Winter can take it's toll on your feet if you're not prepared. So make sure that you have adequate footwear to keep you going this season. Although boots in general will always be a go-to during the winter months, chelsea boots are the most trending style out of them all. Chelsea boots have recently seen a surge in popularity, with almost every single menswear influencer posing in a pair at some point this year. We recommend investing in a narrow pair with a slightly rounded tip in an earthy or grey neutral tone. 


Key Winter Trends - Chelsea Boots

Images via Pinterest


Winter Sneakers

Just because it's winter, doesn't mean that you have to put away all your sneakers. Popular sneaker brands have been really good at providing alternative silhouettes which come prepared for harsher weather. Your regular canvas sneakers wont do. Keep your eyes peeled for "sneakerboots" this season if more traditional boots aren't your style. 


Military Inspired Pants

Cargo pants have gotten a bad rap for years, but it's finally time for them to make a comeback (well, sort of). Thankfully they don't come as baggy as they once used to, but the modernized version of the classic multi-pocket pant is here to stay. Grab yourself a pair in earthy tones or olive green and pair it up with an oversized t-shirt, a knitted sweater, a vest jacket, and a pair of sneakers for a trendy look this season. 


Winter Outfits, Winter Style, what to wear in winter, clothes to wear in winter, winter attire, Cargo Pants



Scarfs have never really gone out of fashion, so don't be afraid to bring one out this season. Grab yourself something nice and warm to protect your neck, but don't be afraid to pick up a scarf which has some patterns or colours on them. If you need to freshen up on how to tie your scarf properly, check out this guide


Winter Outfits, Winter Style, what to wear in winter, clothes to wear in winter, winter attire, Scarfs

Image via Pinterest


Turtle Necks

Another effective way to stay warm but also look on trend this season is to invest in a nice turtle neck. Turtle necks are no longer only associated with hipsters and people who are stuck in the 60's. Turtle necks have come back into the limelight of mens fashion this season. The best way to wear a turtle neck is to downplay it with similar colours as the garment itself. Sleek and subtle is the way to go when you wear a turtle neck. Try wearing a black one with your favourite cardigan or even dark coloured blazer for a sophisticated look. 


 Winter Outfits, Winter Style, what to wear in winter, clothes to wear in winter, winter attire

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