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7 Essential Items to Building a Minimalist Wardrobe

Posted: Aug 23 2016

 7 essential items to building a minimalist wardrobe


We've all heard the saying less is more but what about when it comes to the way we dress? When people think of fashion, they often times wonder which wardrobe items they can wear to truly stand out. This whole concept of standing out has definitely had its influence on mainstream fashion. Everything from bright coloured t-shirts with huge branding, to ridiculous high-top sneakers have been incorporated into fashion to look different (but not in a good way). The whole idea behind a minimalist wardrobe is to stand out through simplicity. 

Thank god the days of loud branding and obnoxiously bright colours have come to an end. Since 2011 and on wards, menswear has become a lot more muted, not only in terms of the colours of our garments, but also in terms of silhouettes. If you're ready to adopt the minimalist wardrobe, continue reading below. 

The beauty of owning and maintaining a minimalist wardrobe is that a few essentials can result in a ton of different looks. Here's a quick breakdown of the essentials:


1. The Oxford Shirt


mens style magazine mens fall fashion minimalist wardrobe


A nice oxford shirt is a must have if you're putting together a minimalist wardrobe. This is going to be your go-to shirt for that smart casual look. Opt in for a slim fitting shirt in either white, grey, or black. 



2. Jeans 


mens style magazine mens fall fashion



A pair of blue and black jeans will be your go-to pants in your minimalist wardrobe. We highly recommend looking into a pair of high quality, selvedged denim in either raw or dark rinse wash. Investing in a nice pair now will save you a lot of money down the road.


3. Crewneck T-Shirts


7 essential items to building a minimalist wardrobe


Again, another important aspect of the perfect minimalist wardrobe. Make sure to have at least one crewneck in black, white, grey and navy. These t-shirts will serve as the basis of all your outfits. Although they look great layered with other items, they look just as great when worn on their own.  



4. Bomber Jacket


7 essential items to building a minimalist wardrobe


After much debating of which jacket silhouette to feature in this category, we landed on the bomber jacket. A timeless classic, a monochromatic bomber jacket can be the perfect addition to your minimalist outfits. We recommend getting one is either black or navy. 


5. Crewneck Sweater


7 essential items to building a minimalist wardrobe


This wardrobe is built to last all 12 month of the year, so in terms of warm layers we recommend looking into a high quality crewneck sweater. When picking out the perfect minimalist crewneck, we suggest to go with a grey melange colourway. 



6. Timepiece


7 essential items to building a minimalist wardrobe


This area is pretty easy to cover. If you're trying to achieve the minimalist look, opt in for a clean leather strap watch in black with a white face and either gold or silver casing. This will be your go-to accessory for all your outfits. 



7. Sneakers


7 essential items to building a minimalist wardrobe


When it comes to choosing the right footwear to match your minimalist wardrobe, it it simple and keep it white. We recommend a pair of low top runners or sneakers in triple white. Other colouring options include (you guessed it) all black or all grey. Sticking to these colours will ensure that your outfit looks cohesive with everything else. 





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