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It's a Guy Thing

Best Fabrics to Wear During the Summer

Mens summer fashion best fabrics to wear during the summer

by Boys'Co Online

August 02, 2016


Ever throw on what you felt was appropriate mens summer fashion just to start sweating profusely in the middle of the day? Say goodbye to looking and feeling sticky this summer because the following guide will show you how to master mens style using summertime fabrics. 

Retire all of your tweeds, woollens, heavy denim, and thick cotton shirts (don't worry, we'll bring them back in the fall). As much as you might love that one pair of 20 oz denim or as crucial as that camel overcoat is to your overall style, leave them behind for the next few months. It's not worth sacrificing comfort for those items. Swap these items out for something lighter and more breathable this summer

Now that you've set aside all of your fall fabrics, it's time to start introducing their lighter counterparts into your wardrobe. You might already have some of these fabrics in your closet but if you don't, keep an eye out for them the next time you're buying some new threads. 


1. Linen


Mens summer fashion linen blazer suit men style

Image via S.E.H Kelly


There are many reasons which make linen shirts the ideal summer fabric. Not only is linen strong and stretch resistant, but it's also incredibly breathable due to the nature of its construction. When shopping for items incorporating linen, keep an eye out for suits, shirts and knitwear. Also, if you're picking up a linen shirt, remember that due to the fabrics natural properties, it will be somewhat see-through. So before you buy that white linen shirt, make sure that it doesn't show more than you want it to. 

Linen shirts do an excellent job at keeping you cool even during the warmest months of the year, but it comes at a cost. The one major downside is the fact that it creases very easily. If you're the type guy who needs their clothes to be wrinkle free and looking fresh at all times, this fabric may not be ideal for you. However, if you're ready to embrace the more laid-back look, definitely keep an eye out for linen products. 




2. Seersucker


Mens summer fashion seersucker blazer mens style

Image via Business Insider


This fabric is probably one of the most recognisable. In its most traditional form, seersucker fabric comes in a traditional blue and white striped pattern. However, due to its recent re-surge in popularity, many designers are incorporating solid block colours as well. What makes this fabric so great for the warmer months is due to the puckering effect which causes the material to stay distant from your skin which ultimately creates more airflow and helps avoid unnecessary sweating. 

Next time you're out shopping for summer clothes, keep your eyes peeled for seersucker suits, shirts and shorts, as those items utilise the fabric the best.  



3. Cotton Pique 


Mens summer fashion pique shirt mens style magazine

Image via Fashion Beans


 Popularised by athletic and fashion legend René Lacoste, the cotton pique shirt is made for movement. The properties of cotton-pique are characterised by raised parallel cords of fine ribbing. Originally used on the tennis courts, the cotton-pique shirt quickly made its way into mainstream fashion. These shirts are ideal for a smart-casual look, without making you overheat this summer. Wear it under a linen jacket for the ultimate summer look. Lacoste is a great place to start if you're looking to add some high-quality cotton pique shirts to your wardrobe. 



4. Chambray  


Mens summer fashion chambray shirt men style

Image via Jan Vasek



Chambray is a very dense yet lightweight fabric. Typically seen in a pale blue or dark blue/grey-ish colourway, chambray shirts are both comfortable to sport during the summer, as well as versatile making it easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. If you're planning on picking up a Chambray shirt this summer, pair it up with a lightweight jacket and shorts. You can also wear it with a casual blazer for a sharper look. 


5. Satin


Mens summer fashion satin bomber jacket

Image via Shop Style


Satin is an ideal summertime fabric for a few reasons. It's incredibly thin which makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. Satin for girls is a little easier to come by but can be catastrophic for guys if not incorporated well. We suggest if you're taking the satin route, to shy away from any other items except for bomber jackets. Satin bomber jackets often feature really cool and summer friendly embroidery all around. Throw a satin bomber over a lightweight t-shirt next time you go out with your friends for a streetwear inspired look which won't make you sweat. 








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