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Mens Style Tips - How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Posted: Oct 17 2016

How to wear a bomber jacket - Mens style guide



Coats and Jackets - Mens Bomber Jackets

One piece of outerwear which no one can seem to get enough of this season is the bomber jacket. A mens bomber jacket can be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe as it can be dressed up with a button up shirt underneath, or dressed down and look just as well with a basic t-shirt. Check out our mens style tips so you can wear yours the right way.


Mens Bomber Jacket 

The bomber jacket silhouette first emerged during WW1 and was issues to bomber pilots (hence the name). The trend of old war fashion working its way into the mainstream is definitely not a new story. The bomber jacket is however especially timeless as it virtually works with everyone's wardrobes. 


Original WW1 Bomber Jacket

Bomber Pilots WW1


Although the original bomber jacket was issued in genuine leather, nowadays we have a variety of different types including nylon, suede, wool, and more. 


What is a Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is officially categorized as a type of jacket which features elasticized and ribber cuffs/hems. Most typically it features a shorter silhouette with the hem sitting slightly above your hips and two pockets on either side. As mentioned before, modern bomber jackets can be found in a range of different fabrics. 


Mens bomber jacket style - green bomber

Image via Pinterest


Bomber Jacket Style 

The first thing you'll want to do when considering buying a bomber jacket is which style you want to go for. This encompasses everything from the fabrication to colours and prints. We recommend going with a standard uni-colour nylon bomber in either black or olive green especially if it's your first bomber. Either of these two colours will look sleek and be very easy to incorporate into the rest of your wardrobe.  


If you need some more warmth (and have a bigger budget), opt in for a wool, leather, or suede bomber. These types of bombers will not only take your outfits to the next level, but they'll also last you a lot longer.


Mens leather bomber jacket

Image via He Spoke Style


If you're feeling a little bit more bold, try out a bomber with a unique print or design on it. A printed bomber will look equally as great but definitely generate more attention to your overall outfit. When styling a pattern heavy bomber with the rest of your clothes, keep it simple and minimal for the rest of your items. Try an elongated white t-shirt with a pair of light-washed denim and white sneakers.   


Zanerobe Cloud Print Bomber

Zanerobe Cloud Print Bomber


If you want to know more about wearing monochromatic outfits, check out our guide on how to build a minimalist wardrobe


Bomber Jacket Fit 

This here is crucial. No matter how much you spend on a bomber jacket (or any other fashion piece for that matter), if it doesn't fit it will not look good. Your bomber jacket should fit like a well tailored suit blazer. Make sure to hit this checklist:

  • The jacket hugs your shoulders without leaving excess fabric or restircting movement
  • Sleeve ribbing lands right on your wrists
  • Bottom ribbing lands right above your hips
  • Make sure you can comfortably lift your arms without too much restriction


Black Bomber for Men

Image via Pinterest



Bomber Jacket Outfits


When styling a bomber jacket, nothing looks cooler than taking the monochromatic route. Pair your black nylon bomber with a black t-shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers. Choose some black sneakers which incorporate a little bit of colour for a bold statement. 

A green bomber will look equally as good if paired with the same black t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Add a black snapback or dad-hat to further achieve the streetwear aesthetic.

If you want to know more about wearing monochromatic outfits, check out our guide on how to build a minimalist wardrobe


Mens Monochrome Bomber Jacket Outfit - Bomber Jacket Outfits

Great example of casual look - Image via Pinterest


Smart Casual  

The great thing about the bomber jacket is the fact that you're not limited to casual fashion only. Sure your bomber will look incredible with just a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, but this shouldn't deter you from trying to pair it with a smarter outfit. Starting with your bottoms, try a pair of deep dyed raw denim in indigo blue or a pair of dress/wool pants cropped by your ankle. Next grab an oxford shirt or formal button down and simply layer it underneath your jacket. Take it one step further by adding a pair of shades and a messenger bag. 

Keep in mind that your shirt will act as an under layer so choose the right fabric and weight based on what kind of warmth you're looking for. If it's especially cold out, don't be afraid to wear a cable knit sweater or fine crewneck sweater over your shirt. For shoes you can wear anything from clean white sneakers, to brown dress shoes depending on how formal you want to look. 


How to wear a bomber jacket - smart casual

Smart casual outfit - Image via Pinterest



Final Words

  • A bomber jacket is a timeless silhouette which wont go out of style anytime soon
  • Invest in a bomber jacket if you're looking for a versatile outerwear piece
  • Bomber jackets can look great when paired with a monochromatic outfit featuring a t-shirt, slim or skinny jeans, and sneakers. However they also look incredible with a button down and some trousers.
  • When investing in a bomber jacket, make sure that it hugs your body properly. Nothing will throw your outfits off more than an overly baggy bomber jacket.
  • Invest in wool or leather bombers if you require additional warmth.


Shop our selection of bomber jackets. 


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