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Top 10 Summer Music Festival Tips

Posted: Jul 07 2016

Summertime has officially kicked off which means that music festival season is in full force. With upcoming events such as Pemberton Music Festival, Shambhala and Centre of Gravity just to name a few, we're dedicating this weeks post on 10 tips to survive this years festivities.


Summertime has officially kicked off which means that music festival season is in full force. With upcoming events such as Pemberton Music Festival, Shambhala and Centre of Gravity just to name a few, we're dedicating this week's post to 10 tips to survive this years festivities. 

Summer music festivals are incredibly exciting. What's better than seeing your favourite bands play while indulging in daytime partying with all of your friends? Music festivals can really wear you down if you're not careful though. Standing under the bright sunlight for long periods of time, no access to proper food, poor sleep schedules are just a few of the dreadful discomforts. Thankfully we've compiled a shortlist of tips to keep you going all weekend long. 


1. Sunscreen

A very obvious tip but often overlooked. It doesn't matter which music festival you're going to during the summertime, the sun will be shining more often than not. Pair that with spending the entire day outdoors it becomes very clear that sunscreen is a must. Don't let a really bad sunburn on the first day ruin the entirety of the trip. Although applying once a day is better than not at all, make sure to consistently reapply throughout the day. Keep a portable sized bottle on you at all times and apply it to your skin in-between shows or while waiting to use a port-a-potty. Sunglasses and proper headwear also help.


2. Scheduling

Managing your time during your summer music festival experience

There is no doubt that you're beyond excited to see some of your favourite acts this summer, but make sure to properly schedule your day. Otherwise you could end up missing a show that you really wanted to see, or you forget to realize that two of your favourite bands are playing at the same time. If you're attending a music festival which does not provide space for camping, make sure to have your rides sorted out. Nothing is more frustrating than missing a show due to transportation issues that could've been solved with a little bit of scheduling. 


3. Toiletries

Another essential if you're camping for days on end. You'll feel nice and fresh for perhaps the first few hours, but that will quickly change, trust us. Do your body a favour (and those around you) and pack these essential items:

  • Toiler Paper
  • Quick Wipes
  • Towels
  • Small Body Wash & Shampoo
  • Hand Sanitizer

Showers will probably be provided in some form but it might be a good idea to also invest in a portable shower to avoid standing in long lines. 


4. Sleep


No, you can't party for 72 hours straight. Yes, you will need to catch some zzz's eventually. Let's face it, your sleep schedule will definitely be affected during your time at a summer music festival. It won't be uncommon to wake up at 8am due to the scorching heat and go to bed at around 4 am. Even when you're ready for bed, that does not mean that everyone around you is as well. Bring a pair of high-quality earplugs! Whenever you're ready to call it a night, toss them into your ears so you can get some rest. Naps are going to be essential. Once you create your schedule you'll have a better idea of when you can head back to camp and take a break from the madness. 


5. Food & Water

Food and water, two of the biggest essentials of life yet often ignored while you're having a good time. Food vendors are the convenient option, but nobody wants to live off $15 meals for three days straight. Bring some nutritious essentials such as granola bars, fruits, meal replacements etc.. Also make sure that at least one of your friends is bringing a portable camping stove. Granola bars can only satisfy you so much, but theres nothing better than cooking up some real food such as hotdogs, burgers, bacon and more. 

Make sure you always have some water on you at all times. Hot weather and alcohol have never really mixed well together. In order to avoid dehydration, always have a small water bottle in your portable bag. Or even better, grab yourself a camelback for the ultimate portable hydration setup. 


6. Portable storage

Herschel Supply Co. fanny packs, hip packs, portable storage for music festivals

Herschel Supply Co. Hip Packs


This is a must when it comes to keeping all your valuables safe. Things such as your wallet and phone should never be left unattended at your campsite. Get yourself a fanny pack and keep it strapped onto yourself at all times. Herschel Supply Co. makes some great hip packs which would get the job done. As previously mentioned, cCamel backs should also be considered. Not only do they keep you hydrated all day, they also provide you with storage space for your valuables. 


7. Determine a Meeting Spot

If you've previously attended a music festival with your friends you will have dealt with the frustration of losing a friend or getting lost in a crowd. Cell phones work great in everyday scenarios but it's all different when you're at a music festival. Find an easily recognizable spot near the stages and make it your groups official meet-up spot. This can be by the port-a-potties, food trucks, or any other large landmarks. Tell each other to meet there after every show you go together so you can easily group up and carry on with the adventures. 

8. Proper footwear

People footwear, comfortable shoes for music festivals

From left to right: People Footwear Stanley Knit, Phillips High and Phillips Low

Proper footwear is incredibly important. When you think summertime and footwear, don't let your mind wander towards flip-flops (for music festivals at least). The festival grounds will not be friendly towards your feet. You will probably have to deal with gravel roads and littered festival grounds. Sure there may be a patch of green grass eventually, but your flip flops just won't get the job done. You need to pack a pair of shoes in which you can comfortably live in without having to worry whether they'll get ruined or not. Your shoes should be both light and comfortable because you'll be standing in them all day. 

People Footwear is the answer to all music festival footwear prayers. These deceptively light and ultra comfortable shoes are ideal for summer music fest's, especially their Stanley and Philips models. They're also very affordable making them even more appealing for someone who's in need of a good pair of shoes for the festivities. Select styles are currently marked down by 25% so this one's a no-brainer! Your feet will thank us later. 


9. Portable Phone Charger

Portable phone charger to keep the juice going during your summer music festival

This ties back in with the whole unreliability of your cell phone battery. You'll want access to your cell phone throughout the weekend to keep up to date with your friend's whereabouts and chances are that you'll also be using your phone to take pictures and play music at your campsites. Get yourself a nice and portable USB juice pack to keep you going when your phone wants to die on you. Tell your friends to bring their own because this is one item which you won't want to share around. 


10. First Aid Kit

Accidents are bound to happen to at least one of your friends during your adventures. Although medical tents will be available, it's best to bring a few first aid items so you can quickly patch yourselves up without having to deal with a massive line-up for just a few bandaids. Here's a small list of essentials to consider bringing:

  • First Aid Manual
  • Gauze
  • Bandaids
  • Tweezers
  • Advil/Aspirin/Tylenol 


Final words:

Stick to our music festival tips & tricks and we will guarantee that they will improve your overall experience. You're going to indulge a multi-day event, seeing some of your favourite artists with similar minded music enthusiasts from all around. Be safe and have fun! 






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