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Shirts To Wear With Jeans

Posted: Mar 27 2017

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To wear or not to wear?

Sometimes it's the small things in fashion which keep us up at night. One of these scenarios is what shirts to wear with jeans.

Wearing a shirt with some jeans seems easy enough, right? Well consider this.

Depending on the type of shirt you wear with jeans, you can give off a lot of different impressions. With this article, we thought it would be nice to try different looks on jeans to give you an idea of what combinations are possible for any occasion.

Here are some great ways to wear different types of shirts with jeans. 


The Office Look

Fridays or other days are dress down days at the office, however impressions still have to be made. A well textured shirt with the right color and pattern will go well with a neatly tailored suit and jean trousers.

Is a suit a little too formal for your taste? Deviate from the structured tailored suit and look more relaxed while doing what needs to be done by wapping your regular suit for a minimal knitted sweater.


What to wear with jeans

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The Casual Look

Dressing to kill just got easier with a jean and a shirt. Pick a nice lightly coloured shirt, keep it unbuttoned, roll up your sleeves and pair it with your favorite polished sneakers.

Your belt for this look should be a statement piece so try slightly tucking in your undershirt to show it off.


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White Shirt & Jeans

This has to be the most clean and well defined look of all. A crisp white fitted shirt over a nice pair of navy blue jeans with cool sneakers is a go-to combination. Unbutton a few of your top buttons and add a duffel bag for the perfect weekender look. 


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Double Denim

The beauty of this combination lies in finding two shades which work perfectly together. Read our complete guide to Double Denim if you haven't yet.

Pair a denim shirt with a contrasting jean of your choice. Roll up you shirt sleeve and tuck your denim into your trousers with a sleek pencil belt complete with a well-polished shoe and a tote bag.

This look can be functionally for almost all occasions especially if you're going for a streetwear inspired look.


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Polo Shirt & Denim

As cliché as this outfit has become, a polo shirt can be a great fashion piece, if worn correctly.  Polo shirts are casual but when paired with jeans and boots can become an easy and practical way to rock your jeans. 

Note: the polo should always be a fitted size; an over-sized polo will defeat the aim of this look.


polo and jeans

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Plaid Shirts & Jeans

If you're still stumped on shirts to wear with jeans, give a flannel shirt a try! Pairing a flannel shirt with your favorite pair of dark wash denim is the perfect mix between smart and casual. Finish the look off with a pair of boots for a rugged look, or opt in for some clean sneakers for a street-friendly outfit.


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